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How can love wake up early?

Gettbelieveding up early is one of the key aspects of a successful life now believed to be more important to our health than diet and exercise. But how do you avoid the snooze button and wake up to face the day like a warrior?

In today's we're going to give you 5 tips on how to wake up early and more importantly, how to love it. The easiest and most important step in this list is to have something exciting to get up for. Remember being a kid waking up at 05:00 A.m.
On your birthday so excited to open those presents you didn't even need an alarm clock. 

1. Try having something exciting to wakeup for, something that motivates you.

 Maybe it's a steaming hot cup of delicious joe and a chapter of your favorite book. Maybe it's a yummy, healthy breakfast and a little time doing something you've always wanted learning to play the guitar or drawing a couple of pages in a sketchbook. We live busy lives, and people tend to socialize in the evenings, so doing the important things early on in the day is the best way to make sure you get stuff done. Motivation is key, and keeping a list of reasons why you want to get up early is a great way to keep motivated.

 2. The next step is to make sure to get to bed early.

 For the first night of your new routine. Don't worry about this so much you'll be so tired from waking up much earlier than usual that you'll naturally want to go to sleep a few hours earlier. It might feel strange going to bed earlier every night when you're used to staying up and indulging in a Netflix binge, but after a couple of days, it will become your normal bedtime routine. People need between seven to 9 hours of sleep, so make sure you're getting into bed at least 8 hours before your alarm goes off, and a little more if you're going to read.
This brings us to our 

3. Next step establishing a bedtime routine.

When you create a set of habits, you can essentially let your brain run on autopilot. You don't even have to think about what time to go to bed or what to eat for dinner. Try something like taking a hot bath, brushing your teeth, and then getting into bed and reading a good book for half an hour or so. Your brain will start to recognize these cues and realize that it's now time to shut down and go to sleep. Turn off your screens an hour before you sleep, as the blue light from smartphones and laptops will trick your brain into thinking it's daytime. Tip number

 4. Is making you tired.

Your mind needs to relax at bedtime, but so does your body. Most people find if they don't move around during the day, they have extra energy that needs to be released. It can be something as easy as a half-hour walk.
But if you really want to conquer as soon as you hit the pillow, a high-intensity workout will definitely do the trick. Cardio or resistance is fine. Anything that tires you out, just make sure it's not too close to your bedtime. You don't want to get into bed feeling pumped. 

5. The last step is setting up your room for quality, uninterrupted sleep.

A cool, dark, quiet room is the key here. If you live near a busy road or are traveling, wear earplugs. Blackout curtains are best for keeping the room dark, but if that isn't possible, an eye mask will do the trick. You want your room to be cool, too, so make sure your heating turns off an hour or so before you go to sleep or your AC is on. If it's summertime, these tips in combination will make you wakeup feeling as fresh as a daisy.
So let's have another look at these five tips. Have something exciting to get up for two, and go to bed early. Establish a bedtime routine four, and make yourself tired. And five, set up your bedroom for sleep.